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B/E 1008042 seats for B777 for sale

Facts about the B777 seats.

1. The seats were manufactured by B/E Aerospace in Winston Salaam N.C.
2. The seats were delivered the end of October 2007.
3. The seats have had approx. 8 to 9 months in service.
4. The P/N is 1008042 Series Minipod.
5. The seats were certified and flew in a B777 Aircraft.
6. The seats were used on a Qatar Aircraft.
7. The seats are in Atlanta, Georgia.
8. The IFE system is a Panasonic EX2
9. Our current inventory on the seats for sale are as follows:

B/E Seat Part number Seat Description Qty on hand
1008042-001 LH Std Double 7
1008042-002 RH Std Double 7
1008042-003 CTR std Double 8
1008042-201 LH Back Row Double 3
1008042-202 RH Back Row Double 3
1008042-203 CTR Back Row Double 3
Total 31 double B/E Mini-pod seats or (62 passenger places)
Please note that the back row seats do not have a monitor on the back of the

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Contact Us

Atlanta Aviation International
3725 Zip Industrial Blvd.
Atlanta, GA 30354
(678) 904-1110 Phone
(678) 904-1111 FaxContinue Reading


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