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Atlanta Aviation offers extensive experience in refurbishing corporate interiors. During our 19 year history, AAI has offered our customers and potential customers a unique approach to aircraft completions. AAI does not have facilities to house aircraft of any size, but rather, works with various MROs across the country to support interior completions. This approach offers our customers the ability to have structural and avionics maintenance accomplished at the same time the interior is being refurbished.

In addition to structural and cosmetic substrate repairs and component modifications, AAI has developed unique decorating services not seen in any one MRO facility. Our decorating services include the following:

  • Application of AEROPRINT (3 dimensional decorating known as Hydrographics). Utilizing this process, we can decorate table tops, side ledges, cabinet faces, consoles, dividers, doors, cup holders, trim pieces, seatbelt buckles, window panels, etc., in hundreds of various patterns ranging from burl woods to carbon fiber looks to brush metals and more.
  • Application of suede coatings, soft feels, texture coats, clear coats, leather coats and more.
  • Application of various laminates from numerous manufacturers.
  • Application of leathers and ultra suede’s to various surfaces such as bulkhead panels.
  • Application of Tedlar coverings, both pressure sensitive and heat activated.

All of the above decorating services or combination of services offer our customers a unique and cost effective solution to providing an outstanding looking interior. On a practical side, all of our services use only the best products and ones that can be certified to meet the FAA FAR 25.853 burn requirements.

Finally, AAI has its own cabinet shop with craftsmen experienced in building from drawings: cabinets, table tops, class dividers, closets, special galleys and lavatories, and more, to offer unique items for special aircrafts. High gloss or satin polyurethane finishes are applied to all surfaces while at the same time meeting the FAR 25.853 requirements.

So, whether it’s design assistance, engineering, custom cabinets or unique finishing, AAI is your one-stop shop.