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AeroPrint is AAI’s trademark name for a unique three-dimensional decorating process sometimes called Liquid print, dip print, or Hydrographics. Aeroprint™ brings the opportunity to add value, beauty and style to aircraft interior components. This process is sometimes referred to as hydro graphics, dip print, aqua print, and/or liquid print. With AeroPrint you can decorate interior panels made from various composites such as kydex, ultem, ABS plastic, metal and honeycomb panels.

Atlanta Aviation International (AAI) is the premier supplier of AeroPrint for decorating aircraft interior components for the VIP and Corporate Interior Markets. AAI has a 50,000 square foot facility that houses a composite repair shop, sheet metal shop, several paint booths including a heated paint booth, mixing room to formulate custom basecoats and an air conditioned room that houses our AeroPrint equipment.

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