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The AeroPrint process allows AAI to decorate sidewall panels, doors, tabletops, side- ledges, cabinets, trim pieces, monitor shrouds, seat parts, food trays, accent pieces etc., to unique looks such as burl woods, exotic woods, straight grain woods, marbles, carbon fiber, brush metals, etc. AAI can even incorporate company logos onto parts utilizing this process.

The AeroPrint process typically includes the following steps:

Step 1: Choose a pattern: AAI offers hundreds of patterns that range from wood grains, metals, carbon fibers, marbles, leathers, brushmetals etc. Custom patterns desired by our customers, can be produced for a tooling fee.

Step 2: Preparation of the product: The surface to be decorated should be absolutely smooth. Some products we can decorate directly to the substrate and others a sealer primer and basecoat needs to be applied. The part needs to be completely sealed off, 100% water resistant.

Step 3: Image placement: The printed film for decorating the part is placed on the water in the AeroPrint dip tank.

Step 4: Activation: Activator is sprayed onto the film which releases the carrier from the ink and promotes the transfer and etching process of the decorative image into the part.

Step 5: Dipping: The part is dipped into the printed film, which is floating on the water, at a predetermined angle. The water follows the contour of the part and forces the inks to penetrate into the basecoat. After fully immersed, the part is removed from the water. The image has now been transferred onto the part.

Step 6: Rinsing and Drying: The part is rinsed removing any excess carrier from the part and is allowed to dry at room temperature. Force drying is sometimes utilized depending on the substrate.

Step 7: The part is inspected for overall decoration. If rejected, the part is sanded to remove the ink pattern and a new basecoat is applied and the process is repeated. If the part meets our quality requirements, the part goes to a clear coat operation.

Step 8: Clear coat: The decorated part has multiple coats of clear coat applied for durability and UV protection.

Step 9: Final Buff and inspection:

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