Application of aviation interior coatings

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Atlanta Aviation International has years of experience in applying various coatings to refurbished interior parts and also new OEM parts.

AAI Applies the following coatings:

  • Water Based Paints
  • Solvent Based Paints
  • Suede Coatings
  • Soft Feel Coatings
  • Non-Electrostatic Coatings
  • Hi-Solid Clearcoats
  • Satin Clearcoats
  • RFI/EMI Coatings

Interior parts painted:

  • Sidewall Panels
  • Interior Security Camera Housings
  • Lav Shrouds
  • Lavatories
  • Galley's
  • Baggage Bins
  • Seat Parts
  • Tray Tables
  • Ceiling Panels

Utilizing these coatings, AAI offers the following advantages:

  • Coatings that meet FAA FAR 25.853 Burn, Smoke and Heat Requirements.
  • AAI has the ability to match any color.
  • AAI offers splatter coats and various levels of texture.
  • Our coatings are far more chemical, wear and UV resistant than standard coatings.
  • AAI wet-sands and buffs all glossy clearcoats offering a deep, luxurious finish.
  • AAI offers field teams to travel to MRO Facility to paint within the aircraft.AAI has all the necessary equipment to paint inside the airplane such as paint exhaust fans, lights, HVLP spray guns, etc.
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