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AEROPRINT™ is a hydrographic process of decorating interior components versus using traditional wood veneers, marbles, or carbon fibers.

  • Offers patterns such as wood grain, straight grain woods, carbon fiber, brushed metals, marbles, granites, etc.
  • AEROPRINT™ and its clear top coat are both UV protected, highly abrasive and stain resistantLess expensive than real wood veneer
  • Considerably lighter weight than real wood veneer
  • Offers endless patterns and color possibilities
  • Can be book marked so that one door front will match another door front
  • Able to decorate two or three dimensional interior parts to achieve high class value, beauty and style to the part
  • AEROPRINT™ used on honeycomb, aluminum, composites, and other substrates
  • AAI can decorate 37”x84” aluminum sheets with the AEROPRINT™ process that can be used to upgrade walls in rooms for VIP aircraft
  • AEROPRINT™ used to decorated side ledges, tabletops, tray tables, front face of cabinets, accent trim pieces, center consoles, lavatory doors, bulkheads, etc.
  • AEROPRINT™ meets all FAA FAR 25.853 requirements (part I, III, & IV) AEROPRINT™ can be used on Part 121 operator aircraft
  • AAI has decorated many interior parts for B777, B737 BBJ interiors, Corporate Jet interiors, and helicopters
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