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The first step before applying one of the three decorating processes is to refurbish/repair each component. Atlanta Aviation International has approved FAA processes to restore a wide range of metallic and composite interior components to a like new condition at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Complete compartments such as lavatories, galleys and closets are refurbished to exact specifications. Composite surfaces are carefully stripped of old laminates and metal surfaces are stripped of all old paint and primer. The stripped substrate is then inspected for damage and repaired to OEM specifications. All worn or defective parts are refurbished or replaced. Finally, the respective surfaces are ready for decoration per the customer's exact specifications.


AAI has modified both galleys and lavatories both for function as well as aesthetics. Some of these modifications are as follows:

  • Change size as well as function of various openings.
  • Replacing existing surfaces with new materials such as Corian.
  • Modify or add new lighting.
  • Add mirrors.
  • Install new faucet and drain sets.

Components Overhauled & Refurbished

  • Sidewall, ceiling, spacer and overhead panels
  • Storage bins
  • Class dividers and bulkheads
  • Galleys
  • Lavatories
  • Closets
  • Door Liners
  • PSU Panels
  • Floor panels
  • Cockpit doors
  • Food Trays
  • Bulkhead Panels
  • Overhead Luggage Bins
  • Emergency Exit Doors

Our repair services cover the major manufacturers like:

  • Aim
  • B/E Aerospace
  • Heath Tecna
  • Hitco
  • Nordskog
  • Jamco
  • Rumbold
  • Sell
  • Weber
  • Monogram
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