Atlanta Aviation Int’l (AAI) and MAPAERO sign aircraft paint distribution agreement

Atlanta Aviation Int’l (AAI) and MAPAERO sign aircraft paint distribution agreement

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August 17, 2018


Mapaero and Atlanta Aviation International (AAI) sign aircraft paint distribution agreement

Gaetan Guibert, North America Director for Mapaero has signed a contract with Michael Thatch, Vice President of Atlanta Aviation International (AAI) to act as interior coatings distributor for North America with a focus on airlines, MRO and VIP completion markets.

“With our newly created partnership, we both look forward to offering unmatched service to our customers, with US stock, short lead time, and color matching capability.” Guibert explained, adding “We are also expanding our technical support capability in the US with a new East Coast office”. The announcement was timed to coincide with the ACPC conference in Orlando, where both companies will be represented. It comes after a fruitful first half of 2018 that saw Mapaero obtain Embraer qualifications for their cabin filler, primer and top coat and a triple OEM qualification by Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer for their new Di-Tex 50 interior top coat.

AAI will have a full tint line in Atlanta, Georgia to make top coat colors on-demand, including Mapaero’s best-selling FR2-55 water based fire retardant topcoat for use on aircraft cabin interiors.

AAI is targeting to have this tint line operational by November 2018.  In the meantime, orders placed with Atlanta Aviation will be shipped from Mapaero corporate office located in Pamiers France.

“With AAI setting up this tint line, we can achieve quicker turn-around times on custom colors and offer turnkey paint/application services. Airlines and MROs will also see cost savings by shipping from Atlanta” according to Thatch.

Mapaero has specialized in manufacturing aircraft water based coatings for 25+ years. Mapaero coatings hold more than 50 qualifications with Airbus, Boeing, Dassault, Embraer, Bombardier, ATR, and Airbus Helicopter among others. Mapaero’s FR4-45 holds qualifications from Airbus, Boeing, Embraer and Bombardier, making it the most versatile product for MROs.

AAI, located near Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport, offers cabin interior painting and Tedlar covering to Airlines and MROs under FAA Part 145.  AAI has 25 years experience in refinishing sidewall panels, bin doors, ceiling panels and other interior components. After the refurbishment, AAI issues FAA 8130 return to service tags allowing the airline or MRO to reinstall the interior back into the aircraft.

If you have questions or need more information on Mapaero cabin coatings, please call Atlanta Aviation International at +1 (678) 904-1110 or email [email protected] for North America or [email protected] in the rest of the world. More information about AAI services is at and Mapaero coatings at

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